Common Ground

Check out this brilliant article by Charles Eisenstein (March 2023):

I feel this article has the potential to lead to a realisation that there’s lots of common ground between most XR type folk and those pointing out the power and control agenda behind the manmade climate change story such as myself. We all fundamentally hold the same values, with immense love for and respect of Mother Earth.

“[There’s] an emerging understanding among many environmentalists that we have made a scientific, strategic, rhetorical, and political error by reducing the ecological crisis to climate, and the climate crisis to carbon. Earth is best understood as a living being with a complex physiology, whose health depends on the health of her constituent organs. Her organs are the forests, the wetlands, the grasslands, the estuaries, the reefs, the apex predators, the keystone species, the soil, the insects, and indeed every intact ecosystem and every species on earth. If we continue to degrade them, drain them, cut them, poison them, pave them, and kill them, earth will die a death of a million cuts. She will die of organ failure—regardless of the levels of greenhouse gases.”
– Charles Eisenstein

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