This book exposes the worldwide financial con trick and fraud which operates right under our noses and yet is veiled in secrecy and disinformation. The simple truth is that private bankers create money out of thin air and loan it to nations, businesses, and individuals at interest. This is the basis of our impoverishment and enslavement.

The Bank [of England] hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing.” – William Paterson (co-founder of the privately-run Bank of England in 1694)

This book details all the different aspects of this and its effects in the world:

  • the institutions such as the Bank of England, the City Remembrancer, the Bank for International Settlements and how they operate;
  • the ever increasing impoverishment of the people of the world and damaging exploitation of the world’s resources for the benefit of a few;
  • the control over people’s lives which is planned to be increased through the creation of a cashless society and introduction of Central Bank Digital Currencies such as the Digital Pound;
  • how virtually all economists and politicians are puppets of this system.

The book then goes on to present solutions from ‘Sovereign Money’ on a national or regional level, to decentralised solutions such as truly decentralised cryptocurrencies and Local Exchange Trading Schemes, to a Gift Economy’.

Finally the book shows that this is a time of great opportunity with the cosmic energies facilitating a shift in human consciousness.

Let’s Break the Shackles of the Slave System we’re in, Take Back our Power, and Come Together in Love and Open Heartedness to be the Guardians, Stewards of an Abundant, Thriving, Beautiful Earth.


Is the Body a Battlefield or an Ecosystem?

By examining the scientific and historical evidence, Daniel reveals that:

  • Viruses have never been isolated, purified and shown to cause disease. This set of logical steps have never been fulfilled for any virus, which all the health institutions around the world agree with, although it’s not a technical difficulty.
  • Instead, virologists make a confusing mixture of different substances called a ‘viral culture’. They starve and poison the culture which results in various sized and shaped particles coming out of the cells. They point to some of these and falsely call this ‘isolation of a virus’. The particles are actually the breakdown products of dead or dying cells. Genetic analyses are also based on this falsity.
  • Control experiments (very rarely done) show that the same particles appear in the culture even if no substance from an ill person has been added.
  • Rather than viewing the body as constantly under attack by and defending itself from outside pathogenic microorganisms (the ‘Germ Theory’), health is maintained and restored by nourishing the terrain of our body – providing the best inputs and creating the optimal conditions for the body to function effectively. Bacteria and fungi are vital to health and act as part of the body’s remediation system.
  • BioTerrain Medicine states illness is caused by either injury, starvation of various kinds (physical and psychological), or toxicity (physical toxins or emotional/mental ones). That which we call illness is actually the body’s healing response, given one or more of the above causes.
  • Although no viral contagion, there is contagion as we are intimately connected as human beings so when one person becomes ill then the bodies of other people around will pick up on that and may also go into the same therapeutic response. Dr Cowan calls this phenomenon ‘bio-resonance’.
  • The bioterrain view is that disease categories are a fallacy.People are stories. Something happens – they’re starved, poisoned or injured – and then they get sick.
  • The Biology of Belief – The placebo & nocebo effects reveal our mental power over our own bodies. We can take a pill which has no medicine in it but if we believe that it’s going to be effective, we can actually get better. And the opposite is true.
  • The good news is that the body has an amazing ability to heal, especially when it is allowed to do so and that process is supported. And we can come out the other side with greater vitality, health, enthusiasm, and insight.
  • The new science is all about how to assess quality. For example, a seed emits light with a certain intensity and a certain spectrum. When measuring that, if its intensity is low and its spectrum narrow, we can know that somehow the quality of that seed has been degraded. Then we can demonstrate that that degraded seed produces less calcium in the broccoli, resulting in those that eat it getting more easily sick, etc. So finally we have a science of quality which is the science of reality. The quality is everything – the substance is just the end product.
  • By shifting to a new paradigm in biology, we can bring about radical positive transformation away from the low levels of health that exist now to high levels of personal and societal health. Our natural state is vibrant health.


There is no doubt that the planet is in extreme crisis due to rampant consumerism and a materialist mindset and that there’s an anthropogenic extinction event occurring. In other words, the attitudes and activities of many humans are out of balance with this beautiful Earth.

This book does not in any way challenge that reality.

But is the story that human activities are precipitating climate change really true? Is there actually a power and control agenda behind the manmade climate change narrative? How do the climate and weather actually come about?

By examining the scientific and historical evidence, Daniel reveals that:

  • The driver of planetary climate change is the Sun. As a result of fluctuating solar activity, there have been periods in human history when the Earth has been much warmer than today and much colder.
  • The level of atmospheric CO2 follows temperature changes rather than the other way around, due to changes in the Sun’s activity and the consequent action of the oceans.
  • The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (‘IPCC’) was set up by Big Oil through a proxy of the Rockefellers.
  • The IPCC is a political body cloaked as a scientific body, and from the outset has controlled the debate by limiting its remit to examining “human-induced climate change, its potential impacts and options for adaptation and mitigation”. All considerations of the role of the Sun and other natural processes are excluded from consideration, thus thwarting free inquiry based on reason and evidence.
  • Rather than being the villain, CO2 is the gas of life. Plants need CO2 to grow and life is based on carbon and water. Any increase in the amount of CO2 would be beneficial, enabling plants to grow faster and more easily in arid areas.
  • Agenda 21 / Agenda 30 of the UN is a programme which sounds laudable – to bring about sustainability. But, in fact, the agenda is to bring about total control by the powers-that-be of the world’s natural resources, including you and me.
  • The ‘Climategate’ leaked emails show how climate academia has been manipulating and destroying data, along with blocking publication of articles which don’t support their anthropogenic global warming agenda.
  • We are possibly moving into a reduced period of solar activity known as a ‘Grand Solar Minimum’ which could bottom out in the early 2030’s and would be likely to result in food shortages, economic contraction and population migration. We need to be urgently building resilience for whatever comes (in terms of the climate, whether hotter or cooler/damper times).