Dandelion Speaks

Two Books That Herald
A New Paradigm

BioTerrain Medicine
& the Nature of Illness

(98 pages, A4)

Rather than the body being constantly under attack and defending itself from pathogenic microbes, our body is a garden. Health is maintained and restored by nourishing the terrain of the body, like a gardener tends his soil.

The Approaching
Grand Solar Minimum
& How The Climate Works

(104 pages, A4)

Why carbon dioxide is not the villain of our environmental crisis; the power and control agenda behind the manmade climate change narrative; the approaching Grand Solar Minimum and the urgent need to prepare for this.

£9 for one book; £16 for both (including p&p)
or £7 for one, £13 for both in person

PDF of each book – £2 (free if you purchase copies)

Please contact me to order your copy and pay by bank transfer or Paypal (with extra to cover the fee).

If you’re on a low income and/or would like to offer a non-monetary exchange, I’m happy to negotiate.

Also, I’m available for talks, discussions, and podcasts either in person or on Zoom.

Testimonial: “I applaud the ability to filter masses of information into a logical and compelling read. Daniel brings a depth of understanding, experience, and insight into the two topics he writes about. The books are great!”

Artwork by Anthea De La Roche