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🌸⭐️ Three Books That Herald ⭐️ 🌸
🌺 A New Paradigm 🌺

The Truth of How Money is Created
& the Financial System –
How a Small Number of People Siphon Off the Vast Majority of the World’s Wealth for Themselves and How To Change This

(102 pages, A4)

This book exposes the global financial con trick and fraud which operates right under our noses and yet is veiled in secrecy and disinformation. The simple truth is that private bankers create money out of thin air and loan it to nations, businesses, and individuals at interest. This is the basis of our impoverishment and enslavement.

The book then goes on to present solutions from ‘Sovereign Money’ on a national or regional level, to decentralised solutions (such as truly decentralised cryptocurrencies and Local Exchange Trading Schemes), to a Gift Economy’.

Finally the book shows that this is a time of great opportunity with the cosmic energies facilitating a shift in human consciousness.

BioTerrain Medicine
& the Nature of Illness

(134 pages, A4)

Rather than the body being constantly under attack and defending itself from pathogenic microbes, our body is a garden. Health is maintained and restored by nourishing the terrain of the body, like a gardener tends his soil.

The Case Against Manmade Climate Change – How the Environmental Movement is being Manipulated for Nefarious Ends
(104 pages, A4)

Why carbon dioxide is not the villain of our huge environmental crisis; the power and control agenda behind the manmade climate change narrative; and the urgent need to build resilience for whatever comes.

£13 for one book; £24 for any two; £32.70 for all three including p&p
OR £10 each; £28.50 for all three in person

PDF of each book – £6 (free if you purchase copies)

Please contact me to place your order and pay by bank transfer or Paypal (with extra to cover the fee).

If you’re on a low income and/or would like to offer a non-monetary exchange, I’m happy to negotiate.

Also, I’m available for talks, discussions, and podcasts either in person or on Zoom.

“I applaud the ability to filter masses of information into a logical and compelling read. You bring a depth of understanding, experience, and insight into the topics you write about. The books are great!”

“What incredible pieces of work you have produced. Several of my chums are going to buy them.”

“Thank you so much for the work you are doing. I can tell you have a big and truthful heart which is appreciated.”

“In your interview, you communicated what are very controversial viewpoints with clarity, humility and reason. Your strength of conviction and humility are an inspiration to us all in how to deal with conflicting debates without rancour and abuse of opposing points of view.”

“I have just finished your climate book. It the best book I have ever read. The eight Hermetic principals set out at the rear are so enlightening. Daniel, thank you for putting into words that which my heart felt. Love always my brother, great writing.”

Artwork for the BioTerrain Medicine & Climate Change Books by Anthea De La Roche