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  • New Book Coming Soon…

    The title is:“The Truth of How Money is Created & the Financial System –How a Small Number of People Siphon Off the Vast Majority of the World’s Wealth for Themselves and How To Change This“

  • Real Wealth

    Money isn’t wealth.Possessions aren’t wealth.Reputation isn’t wealth. Real wealth is vibrant health.Real wealth is family.Real wealth is community.Real wealth is an abundant, thriving Earth. Wealth is the gifts you have given.Wealth is the strength of your connections in the Web of Life.

  • Talk near Blackpool – Mon 5th June

    A TIME OF GREAT OPPORTUNITYshattering the manmade climate change narrativeand the urgent need to build resilience for whatever comes New HorizonsSt. Anne’s-on-the-Sea, Lancashire Mon 5th June7pm for 7.30pm start

  • Talk at the Distillery, Exeter – Wed 31st May

    THE MYTH THAT VIRUSES CAUSE DISEASE & THE NATURE OF ILLNESSA Talk on BioTerrain Medicine Wed 31st May7pmThe Distillery, Cowick St, Exeter EX4 1AJ Suggested donation of £2 to £5 on the door

  • Uprise & Shine Conference, East Sussex, 1-3 Sept

    I’m speaking on Climate Change at this event. Details to follow. Hope you can come join me and a whole host of other fabulous speakers and happenings over the weekend with like-minded people.

  • ‘Empowering Our Health’ Workshop, 10th June, Stroud

    Morning – ‘A Deep Dive into BioTerrain Medicine & the Science of Water’with Daniel Thompson-Mills Afternoon – ‘Frequency Healing’ with Simon France Saturday 10th June, 9.30am to 5.30pm The Old Convent, Beeches Green, Stroud GL5 4AD£35 cash ‘A Deep Dive into BioTerrain Medicine & the Science of Water’with Daniel Thompson-Mills You will learn about: Before […]

  • The Big Question

    How come natural processes, natural cycles (in particular the effects of the Sun) are excluded from both: (1) the inputs of the climate models (2) consideration by the members of the IPCC when examining the evidence and drawing up their reports? Surely to exclude something so important and significant renders the models and the IPCC […]

  • Common Ground

    Check out this brilliant article by Charles Eisenstein (March 2023): I feel this article has the potential to lead to a realisation that there’s lots of common ground between most XR type folk and those pointing out the power and control agenda behind the manmade climate change story such as myself. We all fundamentally hold […]

  • Is the IPCC rigged?

    Here’s what Professor Tim Ball had to say in 2009 (and things haven’t changed since then): Maurice Strong [oil tycoon and front man for the Rockefellers] wrote the terms of reference of the IPCC where the definition of climate change is limited to human causes of climate change. That effectively eliminated all the natural variability, […]

  • Nobody Is Beyond Redemption

    Who’s your villain of the moment? Klaus Schwab? Tony Blair? Bill Gates? Vladimir Putin? The Rothchilds? Your father? Your neighbour? Your boss? My attitude to those who seek to have power and control over others and are doing harm is this: I fully honour and respect them as human beings, as fellow children of the […]