Is the IPCC rigged?

Here’s what Professor Tim Ball had to say in 2009 (and my understanding is that things haven’t changed since then):

Maurice Strong [oil tycoon and front man for the Rockefellers] wrote the terms of reference of the IPCC where the definition of climate change is limited to human causes of climate change. That effectively eliminated all the natural variability, including the effects of the Sun.

Strong then limited the IPCC even further by breaking it up into three working groups. WG1 (comprising 600 of the 2,500 scientists) produces the Science Report. The other 1,900 scientists are in WG2 & WG3. Those working groups have to accept the findings of WG1 which are already limited by their terms of reference. So, WG2 & WG3 say “OK, you’re telling us it’s going to warm, we accept that as fact then we look at the implications of that” which is where we hear all about ‘the ice is going to melt’, ‘the sea level is going to rise’, etc. In other words, the majority of the IPCC report (written by 1,900 scientists) is accepting without question the findings of WG1.

Then Strong restricted the IPCC even more by saying the IPCC report is not to be used for policy but then, in contradiction of that, set up the Summary for Policymakers. That is written by a completely separate group and they write it completely independently of the Science Report. The Summary for Policymakers is given out to the media approx seven months in advance of the Science Report. The IPCC terms of reference state that the Summary for Policymakers goes back to the members of WG1 who have to ensure that the Science Report agrees with what’s in the Summary.

So the Summary is written and then the scientists are told to find the facts to agree with the Summary. This is the most unbelievable process!

Therefore, with the IPCC’s terms of reference, there’s an illogical process set up and, fundamentally, most of the major causes of climate change are eliminated from consideration. Unless you know how much natural variability there is, how much natural climate change there is, and what are the fundamental causes of that, you can’t possibly identify the fractional part that may be due to humans.

So much is left out of the IPCC reports which have become the authority.

James Corbett then restates the nub of why the IPCC is rigged:

The SFPM is a negotiated political document which is written largely by diplomats and before the Science Report which it purports to summarise. The authors of the Science Report are then made to ensure that their report agrees with the Summary. This is why the Summary is customarily released first (to an endless stream of free publicity in the mainstream media) and then, often several months later, the scientific reports are finally presented to the public.

Thus, the IPCC is a sham of mammoth proportions.

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