Nobody Is Beyond Redemption

Who’s your villain of the moment?

Klaus Schwab? Tony Blair? Bill Gates? Vladimir Putin? The Rothchilds? Your father? Your neighbour? Your boss?

My attitude to those who seek to have power and control over others and are doing harm is this:

I fully honour and respect them as human beings, as fellow children of the Earth, but I utterly do not respect and honour the role they have taken on in life and how they are carrying that out. It’s important to separate the two.

All these people who are out to control humanity, who are doing dastardly things, are highly dysfunctional people. We’re all dysfunctional to some extent in our modern crazy culture but people who are inflicting harm and acting from a place of power over others, over the world’s resources, etc are particularly dysfunctional and in a small number of cases extremely so. They are highly damaged people through the trauma they have received in their lifetimes and from their ancestral line, through the brainwashing they’ve been subjected to, through the lack of love in their childhood, etc.

This is not a new story in the world. This is a global spiritual illness that’s become normal and is perpetuated generation after generation. These villains are in pain and thus inflict pain on others and, as an inevitable consequence, augment their own pain. They’re not happy bunnies. Clearly, when it comes to the would-be controllers of humanity, these people have to be stopped from doing their dastardly deeds, but at the same time I feel they are entitled to and need our love and compassion like any of our fellow brothers and sisters on this beautiful Earth. We have to be the ones to break the cycle of abuse and trauma and bring healing.

My ultimate goal is to entice people into a vision of how this world could be – one where we’re all working together to create peace, harmony, loving and vibrant communities, where everyone is valued and cared for, and people are encouraged to bring their gifts out into the world; where we’re creating and maintaining beautiful gardens and abundant Nature; where we’re all enjoying this magnificent life in these bodies that we’re so blessed to be in for this brief time; in short, where all of Life is thriving.

How we go from here to there will unfold over time – I would favour some sort of truth and reconciliation process. The main thing is to start being and acting NOW from the Heart. I don’t want to just continue doing the same old thing which is, for those who are judged to have transgressed, a process of punishment and retribution. This is brutality and just leads to more offending, more dysfunctionality. Let’s have compassion for these people while at the same time not allowing them to continue doing what they’re doing. We can be warriors while also acting from the Heart. I would like to see support and love offered to transgressors, the invitation made to them to step into healing and rehabilitation, while at the same time love, compassion and healing being offered to those who have suffered as a result of the villains’ actions. Ultimately, healing can only come about through forgiveness, both for ourselves and each other.

In short, nobody is beyond redemption.

There are a number of stories that inspire me in this regard:

  • In the Peacemaker story of the Haudenosaunee people (of North Eastern America), the most fearsome warload Tadahaho is transformed. After he receives a powerful healing where the seven crookednesses in his body are combed out of his hair by Hiawatha, Tadahado becomes the keeper of the Central Fire of all the Five Tribes, upholding the Great Law of Peace (which has continued in an unbroken lineage for over 1,000 years).
  • Milarepa, the revered Tibetan Buddhist saint, had murdered many people before turning to Buddhism and becoming awakened.
  • Cathy O’Brien, alive today, was born into sexual slavery and was subjected to the most heinous abuse at the very highest levels of society. Through her healing, she is now in a phenomenal state of love and compassion and speaks of forgiveness. Her story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of love.
  • After living with physical and mental abuse for 30 years, suffering from PTSD, severe depression and suicidal thoughts, Cornelius Christopher had had enough. He concluded that suicide was his only option to finally achieve inner peace after hitting rock bottom in 2018. Cornelius just wanted to be loved and to make friends, but every day was an endless struggle in a life of desolation and loneliness. In 2019, Cornelius experienced a phenomenon physicists call a ‘quantum superposition’ meaning two or more conflicted states / alternative realities exist at the exact same time and in the same space. In this state, he observed his suicide from the past, present, and future. This was immediately followed by a painful five-hour consciousness awakening that spontaneously reversed all of his mental and physical health issues overnight, including cancer. In time, he discovered he had received many extraordinary gifts, including pure consciousness where he has no inner voice, or chatter, and no ego. He experiences pure silence all the time with no self-doubt and no ability to judge. He now helps others to heal themselves.

There are many other similar examples (in a big or small way) throughout the ages – perhaps you can think of some.

What sort of world do we want to create? My wish is for each person to be the greatest expression of themselves they can possibly be. And my guiding philosophy in life is the beautiful quote from Mahatma Gandhi, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. Let’s be role models, especially for the younger generations. Let’s Be Love.

At the end of the day, we only have control over ourselves. The most important thing is not to continue giving our power to these would-be controllers of humanity – there’s very few of them and many of us. The reason why these villains are able to do what they do is because we’re giving them our power. So once that is turned around – we reclaim our own power and sovereignty, stop following the orders of others, and instead follow our own internal guidance and bring out our gifts into the world – and we do this in greater and greater numbers – this whole power and control structure which has been in place to a greater or lesser extent for millennia will simply fall away. In other words, both individually and collectively we can move from the love of power into the power of love.

As Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Our magnificence is infinite.


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