Podcast Interview

I’m thrilled to announce that the interview of me in September 2022 by Richard Cox of Deep State Consciousness is now out on all the platforms below. A shortened version will be going on youtube to avoid their automated censors.

This interview covers my history from my university days when I first got into environmental and animal rights campaigning; my political activism in the 1990’s, in particular my involvement in the McLibel Trial where McDonald’s was suing two people for libel over criticisms of the company; my time living in a low impact, permaculture community in a woodland; and my story of why I began to research into biology and medicine and subsequently went on to write my book on BioTerrain Medicine. The interview then covers the main points set out in that book.

The interview ends with me saying, “We need to shift our perspective from the current materialist, reductionist mindset. By taking a step back, we see that everything is energy, frequency and resonance fundamentally. Rather than the universe being a materialist universe where everything happens by coincidence, where we’re just the product of random things that have happened along the way – ‘lumbering robots’ as Richard Dawkins says, with hearts as pumps and brains as computers. No, we’re animate life, we’re spirit in body, we’re consciousness in matter. It’s much more conducive to a better life when we see things from that perspective.”



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