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  • Talk in Stroud – Thurs 23rd Feb, 7pm

    The Old Convent, Beeches Green, Stroud A TIME OF GREAT OPPORTUNITY – shattering the manmade climate change narrative and what’s really happening from the Grand Solar Minimum to the Galactic Current Sheet There is no doubt that the planet is in extreme crisis due to rampant consumerism and a materialist mindset and that there’s an […]

  • Nobody Is Beyond Redemption

    Who’s your villain of the moment? Klaus Schwab? Tony Blair? Bill Gates? Vladimir Putin? The Rothchilds? Your father? Your neighbour? Your boss? My attitude to those who seek to have power and control over others and are doing harm is this: I fully honour and respect them as human beings, as fellow children of the […]

  • Reader’s Comment

    Somebody responded to coming across my book on ‘The Case Against Climate Change’ with the following comment: “We only need to think how drastically our local climate changes between day and night, summer and winter to see that the Sun as the primary driver of climate is a highly rational idea!”

  • Podcast Interview

    I’m thrilled to announce that the interview of me in September 2022 by Richard Cox of Deep State Consciousness is now out on all the platforms below. A shortened version will be going on youtube to avoid their automated censors. This interview covers my history from my university days when I first got into environmental […]

  • Speaking Engagements

    If you’d like to engage me to speak in your area or via Zoom, please contact me.