‘Empowering Our Health’ Workshop, 10th June, Stroud

Morning – ‘A Deep Dive into BioTerrain Medicine & the Science of Water’
with Daniel Thompson-Mills

Afternoon – ‘Frequency Healing’ with Simon France

Saturday 10th June, 9.30am to 5.30pm

The Old Convent, Beeches Green, Stroud GL5 4AD
£35 cash

A Deep Dive into BioTerrain Medicine & the Science of Water’
with Daniel Thompson-Mills

You will learn about:

  • The Bioremediation Role of Microorganisms and Parasites in the Body
  • Pleomorphism & the Cyclogeny
  • The Role of Antibodies
  • Structured Water
  • How the Heart Works and the Blood Circulates
  • The Health Benefits of Brown’s Gas including Electrically Enhanced Water
  • Ways to Detoxify
  • What is Cancer

Before attending, you are strongly advised to watch Daniel’s introductory talk on BioTerrain Medicine which sets the scene for this workshop:

He will not be going over this material again.

Frequency Healing’ with Simon France

We will dip into the life and work of Royal Raymond Rife, focusing on his frequency generators which were used to cure many diseases, including cancer. Three Rife machines will be available for demonstrations as well as mini treatments.

We will imprint Rife frequencies into water and add to other vibrational medicines which then can be taken away for personal use.

We will then look at the therapeutic uses of flower remedies upon the chakra system and the auric body. You will be shown simple techniques for dowsing the chakras and sensing the impact of flower remedies in the aura.

Further Info
Please bring to this workshop:

  • Pen & paper
  • A pendulum (if you have one) or a weight on a piece of string
  • Water Bottle and/or Flask
  • Packed Lunch

For more info on the workshop facilitators, check out:
Daniel – https://www.dandelionspeaks.msvr.uk/
Simon – https://aquariusflowerremedies.com/

Books & Remedies will be Available for Purchase

To book a place on the workshop, contact Jane:

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